VR Computer Games – Future is Close

computer-1185637_960_720There appears to be many fascinating patents that have been filed recently with regard to computer gaming. Microsoft, Sony, and others happen to be actually filing a lot of somewhat telling patents which appear to point to an augmented reality future, that may focus on the gaming sector, as in Xbox and other systems. Already we find the military and business setting up simulation training using similar systems, possibly more robust and more expensive, but basically the future of the computer game sector is foretold in these technologies.

And it is not only gaming today, as other sectors will not be playing around either. That is an Israeli firm which use „non-evasive profound transcranial magnetic stimulation“ to activate parts of the brain used most in learning.
To put it differently, it is going to raise your comprehension, allow for better imprinting of neurons, and ensure learning at that the greatest potential human degree, maybe even simply beyond what is humanly possible.

Now then, this Brainsway apparatus which sends pulsations heavy into the mind might have the ability to help with brain disorders and repair serious problems, and yes more evaluations clearly must be done, but so far things are looking quite intriguing, and if this technology holds accurate the cause, what about a healthy mind?

Makes sense as individuals are controlling cursors on computer screens with idea alone now, which means perhaps these computer games as time goes on will not have joy sticks at all. Does that mean it is possible to live a virtual life in your slumber? As in 5-10 years, and whereas, all the technologists are thinking ahead, I think I should ask, why are not you? Okay so, I trust you’ll please consider all this and believe on it.